Red Maple Technologies provide a carrier-grade web hosting environment, with high reliability, availability and connectivity.

Servers – We utilise high performance multi-processor, multi-core Oracle servers, featuring; redundant power supplies, disks and network interfaces. These servers are arranged in fault-tolerant clusters, with high efficiency via VMware (effectively achieving multiple ‘virtual machines’).

Reliability – Our web servers are backed up across our state-of-the-art Storage Area Network. This is replicated across two geographically-diverse, high availability data centres interconnected by dual path optical fibre links.

Network – Our web servers feature Gigabit Ethernet connections direct to the Internet via the International IP network. This ‘First Tier’ Internet Protocol network features multiple, high capacity interconnection to all domestic peering points, with over 15 Gbps of dedicated global capacity via the US, UK and Japan.
Red Maple Technologies acceptable usage policy applies to our web hosting services. This includes the prevention of spam, fraud, breach of intellectual property rights and other illegal activities.

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